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  1. Features:
  • 300 Levels to finish [Unbalanced].
  • Show off your spells and fight other players online from 1v1 to 4v4.
  • Build your spells with over 100 to choose from.
  • 191 Quest to complete.
  • 25 Characters to unlock.
  • Smooth mechanics.
  • Arcade mode [Balanced].
  • Arcade mode 2 [With Merits]
  • Conquest mode [Like capture the flag]
  • Mayhem mode [Get 5 random spells]
  • Workshop mode [Choose a character and choose from 5 spells from all characters]
  • 5 Spells for each character.
  • Loot weapons or buy them and upgrade your character.
  • Online Leaderboard.

2. Details

  • Play in a adventure mode called missions where you defeat your enemies in fighting battles.
  • With each character has their own 5 spells, you have to be the one who wins the game or who loses with tactical combat.
  • Choose difficulty between, easy normal and hard.
  • Harder difficulty means you will get more coins.
  • Practice mode available to train and get started.
  • Buy potions to defeat enemies easier.
  • Items drop when you finish missions, then you equip it to empower your spells.

Great soundtrack and easy controls, with gamepad supported and smooth, easy mechanics.

Only windows version and android available right now.

  • Controls:
  • Arrow keys for moving.
  • ZXCVB for attacking.
  • ALT + Enter for full screen.
  • Double press arrow keys to run.
  • Space to carry the flag.
  • Stuck in-game with xbox controller? Press Select and scroll down to Return and press A button to return to menu.

Discord:  https://discord.gg/fxCRs9e


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This game is really fun. It fits am mobile game beat em up. Really cool and helps me pass the time. 

Thanks for playing


Hey! I loved the game it so amazing and I enjoyed playing 😁 I rated your game ☆☆☆☆☆ out of ☆☆☆☆☆. All the best! 

I've recorded a video of you game you can check it out on: 

Thanks for playing, you can also play online with other people and i see u didn't buy the spells, just click under the icon of the coins to buy them when in character screen

H̶̤̻̘̠̘̄̃̓ͤE̵̩̩͆̔͑L͚͈̬͓̯̖̲̑̑̀Ĺ̵̯͕͎̣̟̹̘̮ ̘̺͕̜̻̗ͭ̆͐͠W̧̗̱̫͔͉͈̘ͭ̄A͖̟̔͋ͨ̽́Ṡ̵͍͍͓͑͐ ̟ͩ̏̔͂͞ͅB̥̲̪̠̆ͨ̿͠Ḛ̷͉̄T̶̖̻̙̮̭͙ͩͪT̮̩̈͛͒̈̀E̵͈͙̬̺̜̯͇ͧͬR̛̜̘͓̤͓̙̟̼͒͗̐


Hey there Bukmand, I have tried your game and here is a gameplay review video for your game! I must say, it takes a while before you get used to the controls and how the main menu works! Probably because part of it is due to the fact it was intended to go online as well!? Well, in case it goes to online multiplayer or even local multiplayer let me know because my little brother actually loved your game and he wants to try it against me lol. Here are some notes, all I am asking is a subscription to my YouTube channel, it will help and motivate me to keep doing these reviews!

  • I want to ask about the items inside the shop, after you buy them do you use them in the next battle by any character. And how do we use them?
  • The music lovely and so exciting! Well done with that.
  • After you get used to the controls and the game, it actually starts to be so fun to play and interesting to see how long can you make it.

The video have more to say, you might want to watch the entire gameplay review video! I know that you are from Egypt by the way! All the best in your game brother! RAMADAN KARIIM.


Shop items only work in levels.

Lovely game! Thanks for replaying!


Hello I added Online PvP, you can download and try now, but there might be bugs. 

I might consider starting fresh with mobile games showcasing on YouTube soon! Stay tuned for a new thread.

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I added online multiplayer to android too if u are interested

Your video is ready and available on YouTube.

I remind, that your game can go to the next stage, and get a full review with analysis, so don't forget to subscribe to the channel.

You can make walkthrough to do all missions if you want

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Excuse me for "butting in", but don't you think it's a little bit funny to reach out to a American audience even when your a Russian youtuber?

Are you going to review my game? 

Good afternoon, Comrade Misterbug.

I report that today in the yard of the 21st century, so YouTube allows you to view videos in different languages, using subtitles, it's just amazing, right?

Also, for sure, the developer will be pleased to get an audience in different countries, it's just cool.

Anyway, thanks for the comment. How is your channel doing, by the way, thriving?

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Enjoyed the game and ty for the code =D need to get my wife to play it with me for the multiplayer experience haha! Left a follow and look forward to more! Let me know of future games!!!

(3 edits)

thanks for playing, the missions get harder as you advance you could also equip the weapons you bought to a character, workshop is selecting spells from all characters, you can turn off or on, you could also buy spell 4 and spell 5 for 900 coins too, and there is no multiplayer yet. It's removed for now.


Sound and combat in the game not bad. Made it to rank 6 and I just realized I been playing on easy and having a fair amount of difficulty as a nooby. Can't wait to see what else is done with this game