A downloadable game for Windows

Soul Steal is beat em up game, each character has 5 abilities to use that has cooldown.

Each match is short as 3 minutes.


- 5 Abilities for each character.

- Perfect gameplay mechanics.

- 1v1 or 2v2 or unbalanced.

- Achievements.

- Bug free.

Moving: WASD

Attacking: Clicking on numbers or using key numpads


Planned features:

- A story which you play a evil character trying to steal souls of other people.

- Last man standing mode.

- More characters.


For more assistant on the game join my discord group: https://discord.gg/fxCRs9e

If you would like to donate, donate to me here, it helps me a lot



SoulSteal.zip 22 MB

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Soul Steal 2D Platformer Fighting game is a good fighting game that has various game modes and characters. Roleplay and arcade is a couple of that modes. I liked it very much! Pros: Enemies have smart AI. Good bg music and sound effects are awesome. Various game modes is a good option for players. Cons: Numpad actions are good but at the game their looking need a little bit improvement. I can't read the numbers in the circles. May be different color from green is a good choice. Thanks to the Bukmand, keep going, Good Luck!