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Given that the player limit would be 1024, would this framework allow opening multiple servers open to scale? Or would that have to be something that requires more of a workaround?

Didn't try opening too many server but I tried opening one server with many ports they can allow more than 1024 for one port you can open 5 ports which is like 5k players, if the player couldn't connect increase port by 1 and connect till it finds the open one

I see you've written that it uses pure GML... Does that mean the player limit is 1024? 


You can dodge that by opening too many ports that allows more than 1024 and they can also communicate to each other with one server.

I didn't download it yet, but based on it's features, it looks like an optimal engine. I wonder how good the chat function works, i.e. "ê" but chat is not a priority to my multiplayer game now.

When you learn how to code a multiplayer game with this engine you can do everything yourself this game is like example tutorial